Meet Colt

Colt is a  6-year old English Spaniel committed to serving his Newtown, PA community. Colt owns a very nice lady named Anna, and together they visit hospitals, nursing homes, and schools—doling out canine love, patience and comfort along the way. Colt is a member of Nor’wester Readers, an organization whose program improves students’ learning by bringing therapy dogs into reading classrooms. For the last three years, Colt and Anna have made the gift of reading more tangible by writing, producing and gifting books that feature Colt as the main character.  Colt has:  1) Gone on “I Spy” adventures, 2) Taught the tenets of good citizenship, and 3) Shared his passion for reading with the 1st graders at Newtown Elementary. Well done, Colt and Anna!

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