FCG – For a Solution as Unique as You Are

In the consulting industry, high-profile, high-dollar competitive bids require a unique approach—something that sets one company apart from the pack. While it’s true that “Content is King”, putting an elegant, professional and highly customized package around that content ensures it gets noticed. For this highly competitive bid, First Consulting Group (FCG) requested the design and production of highly customized binders to showcase the unique content and solution being proposed.

The RFP response was housed in a 3-inch custom, case-made 3-ring binder.

The onscreen orals presentation was “text lite” requiring (and ensuring) presenters told a compelling story (i.e., not a single, standard bullet slide in the deck).

To provide additional detail, a “full text” leave behind was nestled in a handmade, leather, embossed pocket folder. The finishing touch was a laser engraved pen/USB drive.

Applications used: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

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